4. George Harrison.

It plunges the world in misery when one inspiring person departs life. That person may have done unforgettable things that have touched the hearts of people and truly inspired them to bring the great out of one. Indeed, our historical figures certainly have left memorable traces for us to look upon and guide us through life. For me, the person I profoundly admire is George Harrison because of his continuous love for music, effulgent song-writing skills, his humility and his remarkable talents.

George was a former lead guitarist of one of the world’s famous bands, The Beatles. After their disbandment in 1970, it did not stop him from making music. In fact, he collaborated with an Indian sitar virtuoso, who was also his teacher when George was still an active member of The Beatles, Ravi Shankar. Ravi and George composed mellifluous songs together which eventually led them to the opportunity to organize their own concert such as the concert of Bangladesh. Because of their relationship, their partnership was never competitive but perfectly complementary. Furthermore, George was also able to express himself through his music.

He was also remembered as a singer-songwriter. Moreover, he has several best-known Beatles songs such as “Something” and “While My Guitar Gently Sleeps” but my utmost favourite is “Here Comes The Sun”. This song expressed George’s relief at being away from the tensions within The Beatles and their surroundings. It is somehow relatable to my being because I feel like as if he wanted me to acknowledge that there would be dreadful days but I would be rewarded with contentment and relief once I overcome those moments. His lyrics “It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter. Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here” represents desolation and “Here comes the sun and I say it’s alright” represents relief.

He once said “I want to be successful, not famous” and that made me sense the humility behind it regardless of the simplicity of the quote. Tired of the materialism of the West, George wanted to discover something spiritual and it was through Indian classical music that he wanted to experience Indian spirituality. In addition, he displayed his humble and friendly sides both on the media and the outside, and it was stated that he was a devoted disciple of Mahesh Yogi, a guru in India of religious and non-religious teachings. Eventually, George acknowledged the true meaning of happiness whereby being happy is one of the utmost importance and success in anything is through happiness. Furthermore, he learned the qualities of life through Indian spirituality and one of them is being humble.

Last but not the very least, George was full of remarkable talents. In terms of musical instruments, he was able to play thirty two of them. Five of the thirty two instruments were the sitar, mandolin, keyboard, violin and tambura. He first played the Rubber Soul Song “Norwegian Wood (The Bird Has Flown)” on the sitar. Moreover, particularly between 1966 and 1968, he wrote three songs for the Beatles in Indian style alongside his sitar.

In conclusion, George Harrison is one of the most influential historical figures ever existed. With his prodigious musical skills and exceptional personality, he has the ability to inspire the youth and future generations in composing music and who knows? The one following his foot steps would be the next historical figure.

This essay was meant for my General Paper class and parts of the last third paragraph was plagiarised. I do apologise for that but that day, I was exhausted to make more research due to the scorching hot weather. Furthermore, I did get the facts from a magazine and if I made a mistake, please do not hesitate to correct me. Overall, I did write this from the bottom of my heart because I do admire George Harrison. In fact, I have a massive collection of the Beatles’ stuff but we shall get on that next time.

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