1. My introduction.

Hi, I’m thestralmarauder and here’s a little bit about me.

thestralmarauder isn’t my real name (obviously). In fact, it is derived from my Pottermore account. Thanks, Pottermore.

I am overly fascinated with vintage-related things like clothes, music, appliances, cars… You name it! I just like the idea of how old it looks and feels when compared to the modern world of fashion and technology.

I’m an absolute sucker for sneakers and I’ve no room for heels in my heart.

I prefer slasher films over the supernatural-horror genre. Really, I can’t go to bed without having the thought of my toy coming to life and murdering me in my sleep.

I’ve recently graduated from Hogwarts.

I’ve also graduated from sixth form also known as a living hell.

And I’m having an existential crisis.

That’s all for now.