Wrecked sleeping schedule.

I’ve initiated the first year of my university life a couple of weeks ago. It’s almost the 3rd week in and my sleeping schedule is wrecked.

My supposed schedule:
8:00 – Lectures.
10:00 – Tutorials.
17:00 or 18:00 — End of school.
18:30 — Dinner.
20:00 — Homework. (Oh dear me)
21:00 — Sleep.

In reality, dinner is skipped most of the time to attempt completing my assignments before midnight. It usually fails and I’d hit the sack at 1am or so. This cycle goes on and on and on until this very day. I don’t get rest on weekends.

Oh well.

That’s all for now.


New beginning. Again.

I am absolutely terrible at keeping my blog alive. There’s no need for reasoning because I have no reason for my inactivity. I cannot tell whether it’s my laziness affecting this entire thing or my mundane life has no content to give.

Instead of attempting to post every few days, I’ll just write whenever I feel the urge to.

That’s all for now.