cough and cold.

Like a pan of shrivelled yellow paint, my throat itches for a cup of cold remedy tea.


things i like.

  1. Pottery.
  2. Carpentry.
  3. Painting.
  4. Printmaking.
  5. Travelling.
  6. Not working in a confined space.
  7. Natural lighting.
  8. Photography.
  9. Vintage things.
  10. Good films.
  11. Bad films.
  12. Gardening.
  13. The smell of old books.
  14. Playing my uke.
  15. Music.
  16. My God, I like the sound of the bass guitar.
  17. Picturing myself sipping on hot tea whilst sitting next to a window with grids, staring at the view of a not-so-congested traffic on a rainy day.
  18. The smell of rain.
  19. The smell after the rain.
  20. Sunlight.
  21. Dude, food.