Just when I thought solitude wasn’t a totally dreadful¬†idea…

I just had a sensation of loneliness a few minutes ago. It’s nearly the end of Week 3 of my university life and nothing has changed in terms of emotion. I’m still exceedingly homesick and my instinct says “Go home during the weekend and bring your work with you” but the workload is overwhelming. Therefore, it is merely impossible to carry out without losing all of my hair by then.

Despite my urge to return back home, I simply cannot tell my folks that I have been weeping myself to sleep at ungodly hours. I thought calling them would make me feel much better but after ending every call, it just gets worse.

The heart longs for home.


That’s all for now.



One of those days.

I’ve been away from home for 3 weeks and the homesickness has finally kicked in.

I miss everything about home; the sound of my dogs barking downstairs early in the morning, the view of the jungle behind my bedroom, the creaky staircase that’s painful to walk on, the relaxation of watching TV with my mother all day, the excitement of driving my mum’s car, the mellifluous sound of prayers coming from the mosques nearby, the endless decision of places to eat with my folks everyday, eating the same shit everyday, seeing familiar faces, the annoyance of my best pals, the utter silence… I can go on forever.

Everything is so active here. The crowd is bigger. The traffic congestion is insane. The absence of nature. The polluted air. The anxiety of entering the region of public areas.


That’s all for now.


It’s already my third post of the night. Nice.

My mind starts to wander and I start to ponder on the little things… What to eat for breakfast and what to wear for tomorrow’s tutorials?

Alright, it’s not exactly little or important but really, I’m staring at my recently bought groceries from 7/11 (heh funny) and I’m thinking of making a grilled cheese sandwich.

Oh… My decision has been made.

Now for the outfit of the day. I’m looking at my polka-dotted pinafore and a black t-shirt would probably suit.

Wow… Done.

That’s all for now.

Wrecked sleeping schedule.

I’ve initiated the first year of my university life a couple of weeks ago. It’s almost the 3rd week in and my sleeping schedule is wrecked.

My supposed schedule:
8:00 – Lectures.
10:00 – Tutorials.
17:00 or 18:00 — End of school.
18:30 — Dinner.
20:00 — Homework. (Oh dear me)
21:00 — Sleep.

In reality, dinner is skipped most of the time to attempt completing my assignments before midnight. It usually fails and I’d hit the sack at 1am or so. This cycle goes on and on and on until this very day. I don’t get rest on weekends.

Oh well.

That’s all for now.